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Sammie Black - Solo Big Tits video
Although most of the SCORE girls who became legends moved on to make hundreds of videos for their fans, videos of Sammie Black are few and far between. This shy top-heavy lady made only a handful of videos, and none of them hardcore or even remotely close to showing anything penetrating her tight love hole. Why? Sammie believed in saving all that for the privacy of her boudoir with someone special. But hey, we are not complaining. These videos of Sammie doing a sexy striptease and oiling her massive melons are enough to induce some serious load-blowing. Still, Sammie remains one of the most talked about models ever, which leaves something to be said for modesty. Sometimes it's better to leave something to the imagination.

Member Comments

3 months ago 
Sammie is absolutely beautiful!!!! Love her!!
9 months ago 
I love when she has bangs, her face is even prettier.
2 years ago 
simply the best

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