Beachside Boobies

Beachside Boobies

When Sammie signed on to join the rest of the SCORE girls on the '98 Boob Cruise, the other busty beauties intimidated her. The timid British girl-next-door was overcome by the star-power of the other girls on the ship. However, after seeing the passengers' reactions to her big-titted splendor, she relaxed and understood that she was a mega-boob star in her own right. These photos of Sammie by the sea are some of her most famous. When she posed for these pictures, passengers lined the beach, taking their own shots of the mocha queen as she frolicked in the ocean. Heavy tits, sunshine and surf... that's what we call paradise.
Featuring: Sammie Black
Date: July 6th, 2022
Photos: 35

Member Comments

She never looked 'put out' in any of her sets, she was almost always smiling.

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